On February 25th of this year, the National Coloring Association's board of directors announced the winner of the NCA 2016 Best Coloring Book contest. Prissy Elrod's entry, Far Outside The Ordinary is the winner. Her Far Outside The Ordinary Coloring Book Set won the Best Coloring Book title by scoring 9 out of a possible 10 points.

The score was calculated by using the official NCA scoring spreadsheet. Scoring each entry is based on an analysis of its interior, cover, set composition, and ease of purchase. Each judge completes a scoring spreadsheet for each entry and the overall score is calculated by averaging all scores and rounding down. Any and all ties are resolved by a vote from the judges. This year there were no ties to resolve.

The average for Prissy Elrod's Far Outside the Ordinary Coloring Book set is clearly delineated in the following spreadsheet. All entries for next years contest must be submitted before December 31 of this year. To submit your entry use our CONTACT US page to request submittal information.